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A website is a cost-effective marketing tool which will inevitably increase your company presence.  It is also a perfect way for customers to reach and contact you.


CheapUKWebsites have a proven track record of being able to successfully make business ideas happen online. Our structured approach to web development avoids over-engineering, which keeps costs down and focuses on clear communication and product/brand appreciation.

An effective website should:

• Combine functionality with good clear design

• Adopt the appropriate technology

• Appeal to the target audience

• Be accessible and easy to read/understand


Online branding

We understand a company’s identity and profile is the most powerful marketing tool you can can have. It’s your name, your logo, your look and your feel, but more importantly, it’s how your business presents itself to your customers.


By working hard to understand your business and its audience, we can create the ideal' site and we can help your company communicate in the right way and with the 'right' people.


Effective online marketing will:

• Give your site a unique personality

• Engage with the right market sector

• Achieve better product/brand/company awareness

• Create user loyalty

• Give consistency across across all media


The correct webdesign

Effective webdesign is about effective communication.

Effective design should:

• Be impactful and thought provoking

• Have a clear message

• Be functional for the purpose

• Support the brand identity with consistency



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We have a very loyal customer base and offer webdesign services for all kinds of business.

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As well as SEO which is the way we get the search engines etc to 'see' your website, Marketing your website in more traditional ways is also extremely important. There is little point in attracting viewers but then to 'fall at the final' fence and not attract their interest in your products or services.


Marketing your Website...