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Getting a good search engine ranking is obviously important.  Although often the whole subject of the search engines seems like a dark art (and there are people out there promising you the earth and charging a fortune for it despite rarely delivering on their promises) there are a number of fairly logical things that can be done to your site for a reasonable cost that will definitely help you in the search engine rankings.


That being said please do not expect miracles, what the remainder of this page details are the steps we can take with your site's structure to help with your rankings, but you will also need to make sure the copy is good on your pages in that it is pertinent and makes 'English' sense and that you get plenty of relevant links to/from other sites as these three things are the key factors in getting a good ranking.


It is also worth noting that even if we do everything as below it will take a good few months for your site to rise significantly up the rankings as it is never a quick process.  So with those caveats out of the way we can offer the following levels of SEO all of which will help increase your visibility to the search engines particularly Google which is by far and away the most important search engine in the UK.


Each level relies on the previous level being in place and we have shown the costs for the combined levels on each one. We often advise leaving level 4 until a later date as sometimes 1,2 and 3 are enough when combined with the other points mentioned above.


Search Engine Optimisation Options:


Level 1

Each page of the site will have the same optimised title, description and set of keywords supplied by you or generated for you from your requirements detailed to us. Additionally the pages will be made search engine friendly by being short, simply laid out and containing (where relevant) good pertinent copy relating to the site and its purpose.

We will add a robots.txt file to ensure only important pages are searched and a favicon.ico graphic to aid bookmarking and tracking of the site graphically.


Cost for Level 1: Free, you already have this!


Level 2

All of level 1 plus:

Each page of the site will have a different title, description and keywords pertinent to the page in question rather than just having the same one for all pages. This increases the number of search terms relating to the site greatly and therefore the likelihood of your site being found on a search engine search,

The titles/descriptions and keywords are stored on the database and maintained by the administration system so they can easily be changed/enhanced if required.

An XML Site map will be generated and added to the root directory, this will help some of the search engine spiders find what they are looking for.  A human readable site map will be added to the site. Again this helps the spiders find each page simply because each page is listed in full in the site map as well as how they are connected.


Cost for Level 1 and 2: £99








Level 3

All of level 1 and 2 plus:

The individual pages will take their title, meta descriptions and keywords from the actual data about them on the page - this will be done automatically for each page from the database like the other individual pages were done in section 2 above. This will help index each page uniquely but link them back to the site.

Each image will have its ALT tag populated with English terms describing the image which will also contain keywords/search terms allowing the images to aid the searches but also to register with Google image search thereby enabling another path for visitors to find the site

The addition of a stats package to the administration page to show how many visitors the site is getting, where they come from and more importantly what they click to get there so you know which sites to market to i.e. the sites sending you traffic.


Cost for Level 1,2 and 3: £199


Level 4

The addition of a number of microsites where by we register a handful of additional domain names and create single page sites that exist solely to redirect to your main site. They must contain pertinent information to the subject matter so as to 'fool' Google but will act as loose redirects to your main site giving you extra links as well as exposure... all good for Google.

The names chosen will contain search terms in the URL  as this means they are automatically given more preference in searches than just sites with search terms in the title etc.

Google Analytics will be added to the site and registered to a Google account created un your name. The site and specific pages like the site map will be registered to this Google account as well as that also helps Google's spiders/bots better understand your site. Analytics will let you see how the site is performing in terms of what people do when they get to your site. Partnered with the stats package in level 3 this means you will have some very powerful marketing tools at your disposal.


Cost for Level 1, 2, 3 and 4: £POA (includes 2 microsites) - £75 per extra microsite. Microsite includes domain name purchase for 2 years and hosting for 1 year for each domain.

Getting a good search engine ranking is obviously important.  Here we explain what we do a little further...

JARGON ALERT - We can discuss and explain SEO with you and appreciate lots of this may go over your head!

Remember prices quoted are 'one-off' fees, not ongoing monthly charges unlike most webdesign companies

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