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Facebook alone now boasts 24 million active users in the UK, that's over half the countries adult population, Twitter claims to now have 15 million users.  On that basis, it’s more than likely your current and potential customers are also networking out there too!


If your customers are using Facebook & Twitter your competition is sure to be using them too!


Both Twitter & Facebook clearly presents endless opportunities for business, so why miss the opportunity to join in?


Wouldn’t it be great to get your products and services right in front of your potential customers at exactly the moment they need a business like yours?


Our Social approach

Social Media is at its most powerful when you understand and research it a little before diving in head-first. The first steps to social media management is to identify what is being said about your brand/products/sector/market, and who is saying it.


Once you have this information you are able to finally engaging with these individuals or communities.


We work with with small UK businesses on smart marketing projects to bring in quality &  qualified leads and enquiries.


Customers invariably start their search for products and services online and we can help you focus of your target market and draw in interest from the various social media sources.


Our Service



We help you to understand the impact that Social Media is having on your business, your brand and your customers. We will develop a  strategy to help you engage with these potential customers


Research & Insight

We will help you listen to conversations relevant to your brand, your products, your competitors and your market.


Community Management

We help to create and grow online interest for your brand. We will help your business to develop a branded online community that can increase customer engagement and loyalty.



We help you to engage in Social Media on an individual basis right up to large-scale group messaging. We can help to create conversation platforms, promotions, spread influence, build communities, manage brand reputations and much more.


Reporting & Monitoring

We incorporate various different reporting methods, we will provide you with a clear picture of your social environment, your movement, impact and performance, this way we can quickly adapt to changes in the market and see where we doing well or not so well!

How to use Social Media sites to actively promote your business and generate more interest

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Twitter & Facebook Marketing